Introducing our new Step Forward Project!

Introducing our new Step Forward Project!

02 March 2020

Funded under the PEAT project in partnership with Wakefield Council, our Step forward project helps to support individuals into education or employment. 

We provide one to one sessions, social groups and job club opportunities in local areas! Our sessions are aimed at overcoming barriers, self-confidence, self-awareness, progression and pathways for development. We  deliver sessions on assertiveness, access to communities, team building, friendship development as well as working with others. The aim of the programme is that individuals have overcome their own barriers and are able to then transfer their own experiences and knowledge to support others out in the community, whilst supporting them to develop employability skills and confidence going forward.

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“It was extremely helpful having Autism Plus workplace assessment to help us in working with an individual diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, giving us a better insight of the syndrome so we could offer more appropriate support. The assessor was knowledgeable, understanding of the circumstances from a business perspective and really tried having a full overview of the situation. The report came back to us within the promised time frame and full of recommendations on how to best accommodate the individual needs, which was really thorough and supportive.”

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