Supporting Neurodivergent individuals across the UK in discovering fulfilling employment opportunities and excelling in workplaces that value their skills and talents


Helping individuals and employers to progress

We firmly believe that the path to successful employment involves personalised guidance and specialised support. By fostering relationships with both our customers and employers, we contribute to an environment where skills flourish, and workplaces undergo positive transformation.

Creating inclusive workplaces

Our mission extends beyond job placement – we are dedicated to transforming workplaces. Through collaboration and understanding, we cultivate an inclusive culture among employers, helping them recognise the advantages of neurodiversity and providing the tools to establish an environment where each individual can thrive.

The Outcome? More than just securing jobs, we are shaping fulfilling careers that contribute to a diverse and vibrant workforce.

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Support beyond placement

Our commitment doesn't conclude with a successful job placement. We stand by our customers and partners, offering ongoing support and mentorship. We are committed to long-term success and job satisfaction, ensuring that the relationships we nurture result in lasting achievements.

“It was extremely helpful having Autism Plus workplace assessment to help us in working with an individual diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, giving us a better insight of the syndrome so we could offer more appropriate support. The assessor was knowledgeable, understanding of the circumstances from a business perspective and really tried having a full overview of the situation. The report came back to us within the promised time frame and full of recommendations on how to best accommodate the individual needs, which was really thorough and supportive.”

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