Our training programmes are specifically designed with inclusion and diversity at its core, aiming to enhance organisations' awareness and understanding of the challenges Neurodivergent individuals can face at work.

This training offers valuable insights into the obstacles encountered by neurodivergent individuals and empowers professionals to effect positive change by adapting their approaches or disseminating knowledge within their organization or team

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Consultancy Services

We offer privately funded consultancy support to organisations across the UK.

Whether this be conducting research and leading events to better understand local needs of adults with autism through to individual workplace assessments.

Our team is experienced in offering a range of support and guidance at all levels.

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Training For Professionals

This is a half day programme that covers an introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions, and gives an insight into the challenges faced by individuals with autism.

This session is tutor led and can be delivered via zoom or face to face depending on demand.

Our individual sessions are extremely cost effective and may suit smaller organisations seeking to upskill one or two individual staff members. 

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Training For Organisations

Our training for organisations has been specially built with inclusion and diversity in mind, and helps organisations to increase their understanding of the needs of individuals with autism.

This training provides an insight into the challenges faced by individuals with autism, and how you as professionals can make a difference by changing your approach or sharing your knowledge across your organisation or team.

This training is available as a half day programme, or can be upgraded to an enhanced full day programme.

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