Specialist, personalised, tailored support helping people to grow in confidence and independence


We are committed to providing the right support

  • We have been providing specialist support for individuals with autism and complex conditions for over 37 years 
  • We get to know and understand each person we support
  • We are always person centred and responsive
  • Families, friends and carers are a vital part of an individuals support and care, we work together with them to listen, and understand their wishes too
  • Our staff are experienced, dedicated and passionate
  • We encourage and support everyone's personal goals, hobbies and aspirations, we know how important it is to do the things we enjoy
  • We empower people to make choices and take control of their own lives

Responsive and effective

In shared apartments and houses our Residential Living Service provides safe, supportive, personalised 24 hour care and support every day of the year.

We create a personalised, responsive package of support with each individual, alongside their families and carers to ensure they are getting support that they truly want and need. 

We have a track record in supporting people to progress from Residential Living into their own homes

We support and empower people to grow and develop independence. To enable and support effective communication, our Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) and Occupational Therapist provide specialist support in communication and sensory processing.

"They look after my daughter amazingly, it’s not just a job to her carers they really do care.”

How can you support me?

Support varies for each person, some people require more intensive one to one support, for others it might be a little bit of help being more independent.

We help people to:

  • Be involved in their own care and support
  • Make everyday choices
  • Stay safe
  • Communicate and express their wishes
  • Access learning and work opportunities
  • Be active
  • Keep in touch with family and friends
  • Do the things they enjoy
  • Be as independent as possible, in things like cooking, cleaning, getting dressed
  • Access meaningful activities and be a part of the local community - shopping, cinema, eating out, bingo, swimming, visiting local attractions and events
  • Access local services such as the GP and dentist
  • Go on holidays 


Our Residential Living service is based in the thriving market town of Thorne, near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

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"If it wasn’t for you coming to see me every week, I would have given up a long time ago."

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