Diverse and Complex Needs

We have a successful track record in delivering solutions for people with complex needs and challenging behaviours

We use our experience to create effective and personalised packages of care and support alongside family members, carers and commissioners

Our specialist support developed across the north of England over the last 35 years has led to many successful outcomes

For people with complex needs and forensic backgrounds we provide intensive, therapeutic packages of support. We offer safe, supportive environments combined with the freedom to make choices, realise potential, take positive risks and progress.

This specialist support includes rehabilitation and a combination of specialist risk assessment and therapeutic interventions. Each person is supported by a small, consistent team to support the development of positive, trusting relationships.

Practical and proactive 

The Autism Plus Diverse and Complex Needs Service can:

  • Support people moving from hospital settings back into the community
  • Support people whose behaviours can challenge
  • Provide a specialised care plan focused on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)
  • Create a rehabilitation plan
  • Support with Psychological needs
  • Provide experienced, specialist support teams including a dedicated Clinical Lead, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Health, PBS and Transitions.

Transforming Care

We have delivered support and housing solutions on the Transforming Care Programme across East Riding and the Humber since 2017.

We have a dedicated in-house Transforming Care Team to provide specialised, intensive, therapeutic support for people moving out of hospital settings and back into the community, near their families and friends.

The Autism Plus Transforming Care Team:

  • Place the individual moving from hospital settings at the centre of their care
  • Promote choice and control 
  • Provide a specialised, responsive care plan focused on Positive Support (PBS)
  • Create a rehabilitation plan
  • Provide experienced, specialist support from our in-house teams.

Our approach

We provide specialist, intensive and therapeutic support alongside our in-house specialists. All of our care staff are trained in DMI (De-escalation Management and Intervention) and we use the person-centred approach to managing behaviours that can challenge - PBS (Positive Behaviour Support)

This combines behavioural interventions with the values of normalisation, human rights, and self determination to deliver effective person-centred support for people whose behaviours can challenge.

Specialist in-house support

We have a dedicated Clinical Lead, Mental Health Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Positive Behaviour Lead, a Transitions team and access to a Speech and Language Therapist, to support individuals from when we first meet them through to transitioning and on-going support.

Our in-house teams create personalised transition plans for each individual, including rehabilitation and a combination of specialist risk assessment and therapeutic interventions. 

Our staff team are recruited based on their ethics, values and passion to help others. They are skilled and experienced both at practitioner and expert level, of working with adults and young people with autism, learning disabilities, mental health conditions and complex needs.

Uniquely, we also offer a range of social enterprises providing vocational training and employment supported by our employment team to support progressions into open employment.

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"A very person centred service, very highly skilled staff, super knowledge around Autism and how this impacts on the individual and their family."

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