The Meaning of Plus

The Meaning of Plus

01 February 2024

The term 'Plus' in Autism Plus holds a dual significance. In 2006, we decided to adopt the name Autism Plus to reflect a crucial aspect of autism – the prevalence of co-occurring neuro conditions in over 70% of autistic individuals. Recognising the impact of neurodiversity is paramount when considering each person as a whole.

The 'Plus' signifies the array of additional interventions and support that go beyond our core care functions. Our people aspire to much more than a roof over their heads, a nice place to live and a supportive care package. Only 16% of autistic adults of working age are in employment. This is way below the numbers employed with physical or learning disabilities.  To create employment and vocational training opportunities we developed  a number of social enterprises aimed at providing added value to the lives of those we support. Our team is committed to continuous improvement, working towards unique selling points (USPs) like our innovative social enterprises. We also run a successful employment services division that underpins our work and operates on a national level.

Research has revealed that nearly 70% of adults diagnosed with autism aspire to work and seek vocational support. While a good package of care and a comfortable living environment are essential, we understand that these aspects alone fall short of meeting the holistic needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

At Autism Plus, the 'Plus' embodies our dedication to understanding and addressing the diverse and unique needs of each individual, extending beyond traditional care functions to foster a supportive, inclusive, and fulfilling environment.

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"We attended a Coronation afternoon with our son, what an amazing afternoon we had! I would like to pass on our thanks to the staff concerned for organising the occasion. The food and drinks were delicious and plentiful. We were made to feel very welcome, the staff were very attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Once again THANK YOU to everyone involved in making the afternoon a success, even the weather was good!"

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