Neurodiversity in the Workplace - Effective Recruitment Practices

07 June 2021

Join us for this free webinar covering Neurodiversity in the Workplace. Providing an overview of What is Neurodiversity, and how you as a recruiter / employer can adapt recruitment practices to ensure they are supporting of the needs of Neurodiverse candidates.

This session will also provide an overview of support available from Autism Plus, as well as insight into Access to Work grants that can fully fund support for Neurodiverse employees as well as training for employers.

Delivered by Suzanne Eusman, our Head of Specialist Employment Services who has 20 years experience of supporting Neurodiverse Employees.

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“It was extremely helpful having Autism Plus workplace assessment to help us in working with an individual diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, giving us a better insight of the syndrome so we could offer more appropriate support. The assessor was knowledgeable, understanding of the circumstances from a business perspective and really tried having a full overview of the situation. The report came back to us within the promised time frame and full of recommendations on how to best accommodate the individual needs, which was really thorough and supportive.”

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