Moving To Step 4 - Our Safety Measures From 19th July 2021

Moving To Step 4 - Our Safety Measures From 19th July 2021

19 July 2021

Most legal restrictions are lifted from 19th July 2021, and although many people have been vaccinated, it is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19, even if you are fully vaccinated. We are still in the third wave of this pandemic in the UK. COVID-19 will be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future, so we need to learn to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and others.

It is important that we all use personal judgement to manage our own risk. All of us can play our part by exercising common sense and considering the risks. While no situation is risk free, there are actions we can take to protect ourselves and others around us. 

At Autism Plus we have made the decision to keep our current safety measures in place. This includes wearing PPE at all times and social distancing where possible. We will continue to follow the COVID safety measures that are in place across the organisation. We have made this decision to protect the individuals within our services as well as our employees. Our current protocols will be reviewed on a regular basis and when making any decisions we will take into account the current rates of infection within local areas, as well as within the organisation.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail please contact your local manager. 

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