Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

17 January 2024
We’ve recently been celebrating Sally, Jack and Darran’s birthday with a brilliant and amazing birthday party! 

Not only this but we also had a photo booth where we took some of the best photos! 

Please find a quote below! 

'Autism Plus did a great job organising a party for 3 young peoples birthday who all live in a shared house. They all share a birthday in January so it is lovely that they can all have a get together and really celebrate. They had the party at the local Demi. Staff organised a hog roast and prepared lots of accompaniments to go with the food. The young people had a great party, it was lovely to see all their friends, lots of staff and family at the party There were about 100 guests, lots of happy, smiling faces, balloons and dancing. The young people were overwhelmed with gifts and had a wonderful evening!'

Everyone had a brilliant time and enjoyed the party! 

"You are so brilliant, love all the things you make happen for our special ones"

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