COVID Impact Crowdfunding Appeal

COVID Impact Crowdfunding Appeal

25 January 2022

We've launched a COVID impact fundraiser to help us raise vital funds to continue our work. 

Autism affects an estimated 700,000 children and adults in the UK. The impact of the pandemic has meant people are waiting even longer to access vital support, there are many who are still awaiting for assessments and diagnosis, there are many families in crisis and desperate for help.

It's common for people to already be in crisis when they come to us. We want to do more to offer support and interventions at earlier stages to provide positive longer term impacts. We believe this shouldn’t be the ‘norm’ for so many people with autism. With the right support, at the right time people can live happy, independent lives. Please take a look at our project and donate whatever you can, whether it's £1 or £1,000 - every single donation counts! 

Autism COVID Impact Appeal - a Community crowdfunding project in Doncaster by Autism Plus (

"People's care and support was exceptionally personalised and this meant that people were at the centre of their care. We saw evidence that people's care and support was planned and reviewed with them." - CQC Report 2018

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