COVID-19 Update - March 2021

COVID-19 Update - March 2021

31 March 2021

From 8 March, people in England will see restrictions start to lift and the government’s four-step roadmap offer a route back to a more normal life.

The success of the vaccination programme is one factor - so far over 17 million people have had their jabs - but by no means the whole story. The public have also risen to the challenge of suppressing COVID-19: by obeying the law; staying at home; getting tested when needed; isolating when required, and following the ‘hands, face, space’ and ‘letting fresh air in’ guidance.

We are looking at ways we can safely follow the governments Spring 2021 response to the lockdown measures across all our services.

We are committed to:
Ensuring the people in our services are safe
Ensure the risk of infection is minimised
Supporting the needs of individuals in our services who need to shield or self-isolate
Supporting the well-being and mental health of individuals in our services
Ensuring our staff teams are confident and skilled in providing safe care

If you have any questions or concerns please do reach out to your local manager, or you can contact us via our website - we have a live online chat function and you can also use our contact form.

The full details of the roadmap out of lockdown are available on the government website.

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