Workplace Assessments 

Workplace Assessments

Workplace assessments are an excellent tool for better understanding your employee with autism. We provide an on site assessment followed by a report with recommendations.

Taking place in your workplace, assessments involve meeting with employer and employee and visiting the individuals work area.

We offer initial guidance on the day and follow up with written detailed guidance in the form of an assessment report within 14 days of the assessment taking place.

Whilst typically delivered at your place of work the assessment can also be delivered remotely, if this is more appropriate for the needs of your company.

Why do a Workplace Assessment?

Many employers find workplace assessments a useful tool when an employee:

  • Has just started
  • Is recently diagnosed
  • Has recently disclosed a disability that was not previously known by the employer

We work with you to offer expert advice and guidance to ensure that you and your employee are able to move forward positively and productively.


Our assessments are extremely competitively priced.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and book your assessment now.


“It was extremely helpful having an Autism Plus workplace assessment to help us in working with an individual diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, giving us a better insight of the syndrome so we could offer a more appropriate support.

The assessor was knowledgeable, understanding of the circumstances from a business perspective and really tried having a full overview of the situation. The report came back to us within the promised time frame and full of recommendations on how to best accommodate the individual needs, which was really thorough and supportive.”

“I have real friends for the first time in my life. I have a place to go so I am not isolated and where I am finally accepted and understood. Be Just You isn’t just a group, it’s a support network.”

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