Autism in The Workplace Training

Specialist Autism Training

We offer bespoke training solutions for employers seeking to increase awareness of autism in the workplace.

Training is tailored to your needs and delivered at your place of work.

We offer an introduction to autism or bespoke training that includes specific areas identified as part of the initial consultation.

Training is delivered by a fully qualified trainer and co-delivered by an adult with autism, providing real lived experience of autism in the workplace.


Our prices are extremely competitive and depend on location and content.

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“Very well presented and very good to have a real-life perspective of how life is when you have the condition.”

“Great to raise awareness and I will remember positive techniques when communicating with autistic students or external people I meet.  Thank you!!!”

“This was the best training I have attended.  Very informative.”

“Brilliant course - gained lots of helpful knowledge that will benefit myself during my time at work.”

“Very well delivered, approachable and willing to answer any queries we had.  Excellent and enjoyable.”

“Very informative training course which I have really enjoyed.  I fell it has enhanced my knowledge which will promote good practice in the future.  Thank you.”

"Staff told us they enjoyed working at the service. They received support, training and supervision to help them to carry out their support role effectively. " - CQC Report 2018

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