After being out of work for two years due to anxiety and depression, Soren joined our Thriving at Work project in North Yorkshire with the goal of overcoming her mental health challenges and securing a paid job. Despite feeling nervous about returning to employment, Soren was able to develop the necessary skills and build her confidence with the help of our team.

Soren's hard work and dedication paid off, and her manager, Ange, was pleased with her progress. She was progressed to cleaning owner's caravans, which demonstrated the level of trust placed in her. Ange observed a significant improvement in Soren's cleaning time and productivity since she began her job. Soren was independent but not hesitant to ask for help when needed.

Soren's success story highlights the importance of personalised support that caters to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities. We were able to assist Soren in effectively communicating her needs to her manager, which resulted in more effective support. Soren told us: "a little support can go a long way."

We are extremely proud of Soren and her accomplishments. Her story is an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with the right support, individuals can achieve their full potential and thrive in the workplace.

"Glad to see happy faces"

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