The Smith Family

The Smith Family

“We wanted to say how much we appreciate all the hard work and care provided by Autism Plus for our son. He has been supported in residential living for just over four years now and in that time we’ve certainly had some ups and downs but thanks to the dedication of the staff and the management, he has continued to develop and grow in ways that we must admit, we never thought possible when he first arrived. Whilst James has been supported by Autism Plus, he has continually been encouraged to try new things and to explore his potential.

In the previous care provisions he’s been in, he has sadly never been thought of as a person in his own right before. But that all changed when he came to Autism Plus, and it’s been wonderful to see the positive changes in him as a result. It might only seem to be little steps to other people, but below are just some examples that illustrate ways in which he has developed and progressed, he eats all kinds of different foods now, he’s happy in his own personal space, he is much more sociable and engaged with peers, and he gets much more access to the local community and facilities.

Perhaps the greatest compliment we can provide though, is how Autism Plus have managed his Mum and myself. Without going into detail, we brought a lot of emotional baggage with us and the way that the team have supported us as well as James has been so very much appreciated. Words just can’t express our gratitude!”

"Glad to see happy faces"

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