Small moments can have a huge impact. Darran is supported by our Supported Living team, and he's a huge fan of Fireman Sam. His story really shows how special care tailored to someone's interests can be truly magical. For Darran, Fireman Sam isn't just a TV show – his Fireman Sam teddies are like his best friends, helping him to feel better when he's feeling anxious.

Darran had a brilliant time seeing Fireman Sam live at CAST, a theater in Doncaster. And the best part? Getting to meet the actors in person! They were so patient and friendly, which made Darran feel incredibly happy and proud.

Understanding what Darran likes helps us plan activities that he'll really enjoy. This kind of support, based on compassion and understanding, helps the people we support feel good about themselves and their world.

Darran's parents told us, "We can't thank you enough. You really care about Darran, and that means the world to us." 

Darran's journey with Fireman Sam shows just how important personalised care can be. By being person centred, creative, and focusing on what makes each person happy, we create moments that truly make life special.

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