Amanda and Mark

Amanda and Mark

Amanda had been living with her friend with help from the Autism Plus North Yorkshire Supported Living Team, when she first met Mark at their local church.

They enjoyed each other's company and started spending more time together and fell in love! They decided they would like to find a home of their own and move in together so we helped them to find an apartment and plan the move.

As part of the move we planned a new support package with them both - they told us when they wanted support and what they needed support in.

In 2017 joined by their family and friends, Amanda and Mark were married at the church where they met. We were so pleased to support them both in this milestone and celebrate the happy day with them.

Today they are very settled into married life, leading busy lives – they go to church, games nights, knitting groups, swimming and gym and Mark volunteers at a local charity shop. They told us "We love our apartment, we love our life here. Now we are married it's the happiest we have ever been. Support from the Autism Plus team helps us to be more independent and keep up with our busy social lives."

"Staff told us they enjoyed working at the service. They received support, training and supervision to help them to carry out their support role effectively. " - CQC Report 2018

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