Garden Glory: A Thriving Season in Full Bloom

Garden Glory: A Thriving Season in Full Bloom

11 June 2024

We've been busy in the garden at our day services in Thorne, taking care of our plants, fruits, and veggies, and we're thrilled with how well they're doing!

From tomatoes to strawberries, everything is thriving. The sunshine and wet weather have led to a beautiful harvest that we're excited to share. Gardening not only gives us fresh, organic produce but also brings a sense of accomplishment.

The people we support have truly enjoyed being part of this process. They've found joy in nurturing the plants and seeing the fruits of their labour grow. 

"I would give them 100 per cent. They are amazing, they have changed my (family member’s) life. My (family member) has achieved so much, because they have put in so much. It was a year since (family member) moved in and they had a really big cake for (family member), to celebrate."

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