Explore Our Inspiring Coworking Office in Sheffield

Explore Our Inspiring Coworking Office in Sheffield

01 March 2024

Autism Plus is proud to partner with The Wheelhouse to bring you an exceptional coworking space nestled in the heart of Sheffield’s bustling city center, housed within the historic Exchange Brewery.

Escape the confines of traditional offices and remote work setups by experiencing the flexible coworking spaces and meeting rooms offered by The Wheelhouse. Designed for freelancers, small teams, and remote professionals, our space provides the ideal environment for fostering creativity and productivity.

You not only gain access to a dynamic workspace but also directly contribute to the impactful work of Autism Plus. Every booking supports our mission of creating opportunities for individuals with autism and learning disabilities.

Experience the benefits of The Wheelhouse with a FREE 5-day trial. Reach out to us at 01146 983 088 to get started.

Elevate your work experience and make a positive difference in the community by joining The Wheelhouse today!

Find out more about the Pathways to Success programme in Sheffield.

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