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Our Specialist Employment Team have supported Matt through a number of milestones over the last few years.

We helped him during a huge transition of moving home - first in making the decision and then everything that comes with a house move, from looking for the perfect place to call home to moving day and settling in. We have also supported Matt to pass his driving test and find voluntary work.

Our Employment Team specialise in helping people to find employment, but we understand that to do this people need confidence and belief in themselves, so we help people achieve their goals in all areas of their lives, not just employment.

Most recently Matt has passed Level 3 ACCA Accountancy qualification, we are so proud of how far he has come. It's not always been easy, but with our support he has persevered.

As well as his success at college we are delighted to announce that Matt has also recently started one day a week paid work in Autism Plus finance office.

What a journey, but such a distance travelled!


We began supporting Fabian for a few hours week as he needed help managing anxieties and depression. 

Fabian has autism and a mental health condition, he wanted support to manage his anxieties and hoped to get a paid job. We developed a person-centred plan focusing on Fabian's goals and aspirations, looking to the future and what he hoped to achieve.

Fabian told us he really wanted to find a paid job so we helped him to identify what type of work he would enjoy and what his skills were and then helped him to create a C.V. Fabian was delighted to begin applying for jobs, and within the first week he was offered four interviews.

To prepare for the interviews we worked with Fabian to increase his confidence in communicating, we talked about what usually happens at interviews and how best he could prepare for this. Although he was nervous Fabian attended the interviews and was offered a job in a restaurant! He has now worked there for over two years.

As well as finding a job, Fabian told us his ambition of gaining a qualification in graphic design. We helped him to apply to college and worked with him to embrace his skills and continue to manage his anxieties. Fast forward one year and Fabian passed his course with a distinction! He didn’t stop here, he decided to enrol at university to do a degree,  again following his passion, in graphic design and modelling. He is still working at the restaurant, alongside his university course. Well done Fabian!




"Five years ago I never imagined I would be here today." 

Luke has overcome many barriers and challenges to get where he is today. Autism Plus has supported Luke on his journey, from beginning to believe in himself to securing his first job, and onto his next step in his career as a HGV driver at Clipper in Rotherham.
“I feel like I have taken a massive step forward, this role is amazing hours and really good pay. I can see myself working at Clipper for a long time. My role will be working up to 50 hours a week doing five runs all over the UK.
Five years ago I never imagined I would be here today. The support from Clipper so far has been amazing, they are working with my Employment Support Worker from Autism Plus to put in place the adjustments and support I need to help me get settled. The flexibility and understanding I have received so far has really made me feel comfortable very quickly and part of the team. I feel really lucky."
Luke has PTSD and Autism, and has faced many barriers and misconceptions that he would not be able to achieve his dream job of driving. We have supported Luke to tackle those barriers and achieve his dreams. He is no longer claiming benefits, working a up to 50 hours a week and has his sights on saving for his dream car!
We're so proud of you Luke, and honoured to be a part of your journey!

"I've been able to meet a new group of people at the job group, I've managed to find jobs to apply for, and make friends!"

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